What Chief Should Know of Chimney Construction

Issue 8 and Volume 76.

What Chief Should Know of Chimney Construction How Chimneys, Flues and Fireplaces Should and Should Not Be Built—Important Points to Remember in Inspection of Buildings BUILDING construction is a subject that appeals to every fire chief. A certain knowledge of the first rudiments of the science is not only useful to him but is at times practically essential. This is especially true in reference to the proper construction of chimneys, flues and fireplaces. Here a working knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in such construction is or should be part of his schooling, for he may be called upon at any time to decide whether a building is properly built as regards the fire hazard. This is particularly so at the present time, owing to the very general introduction of the oil burner, with its added hazards if installed in imperfectly constructed structures. The following article, therefore,…

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