His Business Is Different!

Issue 9 and Volume 76.

His Business Is Different! A “STOCK” expression with those who are unfamiliar with the real possibilities of advertising and are afraid to make adequate use of this modern business-force, is: “My business is different!” So It Is! Why, of course; every business is different, and that’s the very reason for telling your prospective customers what product or service you have to offer and just how you and they can work together to the best advantage. If the Shoe Fits, Wear It! says the author of the following sly dig at advertising scoffers: Isn’t it odd? That a man who thinks He is a business man Will get up in the morning From an advertised mattress, Shave with an advertised razor, And put on advertised underwear, And advertised hose, shirt, collar And tie and shoes— Seat himself at the breakfast table and Eat advertised breakfast food, Drink advertised coffee or “postum,”…

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