Philadelphia’s Revised Water Plans

Issue 11 and Volume 76.

Philadelphia’s Revised Water Plans The water commission at Philadelphia is revising its schedule of water works projects. According to the new plans all developments of the Torresdale station will be virtually eliminated except the $2,000,000 project now under contract there that will make necessary repairs and minor enlargements. Instead of one huge water development project that would from the outset obligate the taxpayers to an expenditure of $100,000,000 and which would take about twenty-five years to complete, the revised plan is said to provide for a gradual expansion that will take care of the city’s needs as they arise. The new water supply system will be built in sections, each section complete in itself, yet with the facilities for linking all of them together as the needs of the city increase. Sufficient funds will be appropriated at the time of the sectional enlargements. It is understood that each section will…

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