Locating Leaks in the Distribution System

Issue 12 and Volume 76.

Locating Leaks in the Distribution System By Wasted Water Costs the Same as That Delivered to the Consumer— How to Determine the Cause of Waste—Use of the Pitot Tube THE control of waste in the distribution system is as important a matter as can engage the attention of the careful and efficient water works superintendent. The following paper gives some important information on the subject. A Water Waste Survey is a survey of the distribution system of a water supply, and its principal object is conservation of water. One good reason for conserving the water is that pure and wholesome water delivered to the consumer costs money, and this cost of water is ever increasing. The importance of. and the need for curtailing all waste is constantly becoming more urgent with the growth of a city and the progress of the times. The increased demands for more water and better…

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