Connecticut Incendiary Sentenced

Issue 12 and Volume 76.

Connecticut Incendiary Sentenced Alfred Paine, 49 years old, a member of the Ridgefield, Conn., volunteer fire department, was sentenced to the Connecticut State Prison at Wethersfield for from one to two years by Judge Banks of the Criminal Superior Court at Bridgeport on September 10 after his plea of guilty of setting fire to two barns on the property of Charles Nash and A. L. Northrop at Ridgefield. In passing sentence. Judge Banks said that he took into consideration that the fires occurred in barns and not dwelling houses and that human lives were not endangered, and while it was a point in favor of the prisoner, the seriousness of the crime of arson was of such a character that the only fair and just punishment required a state’s prison confinement. Paine was unable to give any reasonable motive for his acts. The accused had been examined by a board…

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