Rooky Ford, Col., System Rebuilt

Issue 12 and Volume 76.

Rooky Ford, Col., System Rebuilt Rocky Ford, Colorado, has completed the rebuilding of its water system under the direction of P. E. Strouse, City Engineer. In the new system water is obtained from the Arkansas River thru any one of three large irrigation canals having intakes on the river forty-four miles apart which is a fairly effective insurance against a total interruption from floods such as wrecked parts of Pueblo and smaller towns in the Arkansas Valley in 1921. Further protection is provided by a double basin twenty million gallon raw water concrete storage reservoir which has a capacity sufficient to carry over any probable flood period. Mechanical filters in three units have a total capacity of 2,100,000 gallons per day and empty into a 600,000 gallon clear water basin. The filter plant is so designed as to permit the installation of a fourth unit when needed in the future…

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