Issue 13 and Volume 76.

MISSOURI VALLEY ASSOCIATION SUGGESTED BY MISSOURI CHIEFS Annual Convention of the Heads of the State’s Fire Department Held at St. Joseph —Convention Will Be at Hannibal Next Year AN important resolution was passed by the Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs at its annual convention held in ’St. Joseph, Mo., on September 3 and 4, which favored the organization of the Missouri Valley Association of Fire Chiefs, including the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. Those who argued in favor of the resolution claimed that if the chiefs of all these states could convene at the same time in one city the manufacturers of fire apparatus and equipment would be more likely to make demonstrations and exhibits. The convention was called to order at ten o’clock on September 3. in the Chamber of Commerce rooms by Chief Horace G. Regan of the local fire department, as president. Rev. J. T.…

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