Sandusky Saves $10,954 in Leaks Repaired

Issue 13 and Volume 76.

Sandusky Saves $10,954 in Leaks Repaired The water department of Sandusky, Ohio, saved during the first six months of 1924, according to figures compiled by Charles Gremmelsbacher, superintendent of the department, $10,954 through the repair of leaking services. The figures show’ that six broken mains and 15 broken services were repaired during the period. There were also 167 new house service connections and 78 new meters installed. In addition to the placing of new pipe for the extension of water services and the repairing of the breaks, five new fire hydrants were placed in service and eleven six-inch water gates were installed. Another water gate was installed at the pumping station of the twenty-inch type, which with its fittings, has a weight of 2,465 pounds. Prior to the repairs, Superintendent Gremmelsbacher estimated that the leakage from broken mains amounted to approximately 274,500 gallons every twenty-four hours, in addition to a…

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