New Type Chlorinator

Issue 13 and Volume 76.

New Type Chlorinator The Norristown, Pa., water works has recently installed in its filter plant a simplified type of chlorinator for the sterilization of the water. The new features of this device include a removable chlorine inlet valve, valve seat and stem being one unit and not detachable, thus eliminating the possibility of getting out of adjustment in the field.The flow of chlorine is regulated by the variation in tension on a diaphragm which in turn is connected to the chlorine inlet valve. This makes the usual needle type of chlorine control valve unnecessary. Both the inner and outer manometer tubes of the chlorine meter are removable. Chlorine is either applied through diffusors as a gas or drawn into an injector —no solution jar being used. The injector is provided with vacuum relief — preventing moisture from being drawn up into the apparatus by the vacuum formed, due to the…

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