Public Garages as Solution of Parking Problem

Issue 13 and Volume 76.

Public Garages as Solution of Parking Problem Relief from Cluttered Streets—Cure for Serious Conditions Existing for Fire Department—Plenty of Fireproof Structures Needed THE important recommendation made by Chief Dalis in the following paper is that public garages be built by cities and all parking of automobiles on the streets be done away with. “Every business vehicle represents a daily investment, maintenance and aperating cost. Every hour lost through traffic tie-ups d ecreases the financial return and utility of that vehicle. The same is relatively true with the pleasure car. New York is worrying over a report which demonstrates a financial loss of $500,000 a day through traffic delays. On a hasty guess we would say that preventable lost time through the same cause in this city (Philadelphia) costs at least $150,000 daily.” (From editorial in The Inquirer. The business sections of our cities are fast becoming choked by ever increasing…

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