Instructing the Youth in Fire-Fighting

Issue 13 and Volume 76.

Instructing the Youth in Fire-Fighting An excellent plan has been adopted by Fire Chief N. E. Langford of the little city of Lusk, Wyo., in preparing the youths of his city as future members of the fire department. A junior fire-fighting team has been formed of the youths of the city and a number of these lads were given a tryout the latter part of last month making, it is said, an excellent showing. In a trial run, the time recorded for getting a stream of water into play in an imaginary fire, according to Chief Langford, was even better than had been expected by the instructor of the boys. This plan of preparing these youths for future work as firemen of the city is especially commended to fire chiefs of similar cities in which volunteer fire departments are organized. Of course, the great advantage of this would be in…

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