Choose Mokelumne River for East Bay Supply

Issue 17 and Volume 76.

Choose Mokelumne River for East Bay Supply The Mokelumne River, rising in the Blue Lakes of the Sierras just south of Tahoe, has been selected as the water supply for the East Bay, Cal., cities. This choice was announced following a special meeting of the directors of the utilities district. The reservoir will be in the main canyon of the Mokelumne three or four miles above the old mining camp of Lancha Plana where a masonry dam 325 feet high will be constructed. A steel pipe conduit and one or more tunnels through low hills will carry the water across the lower San Joaquin Valley to the existing reservoir system of the present water supply in the hills back of Berkeley and Oakland. Cal. The total cost of the project is estimated at $35,000,000 for which a bond issue will he voted on at an early election. A. P. Davis…

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