Eliminating Fire Dangers in Pipe Foundries

Issue 17 and Volume 76.

Eliminating Fire Dangers in Pipe Foundries Important Hazards Pointed Out—Hose Sometimes Defective and Insufficient—Hydrants Ill-Placed—Some Remedies Are Suggested THE following article contains suggestions as to the improvement of fire protection conditions especially in soil pipe foundries, but it, no doubt, will also give suggestions to fire chiefs having other similar hazards within their city limits, as to the best means of limiting the fire hazards of such establishments: We do not know whether the following conditions are prevalent in a nationally wide scope in the soil pipe foundry industry, but we would say, from actual experience, that they are characteristic of the Southern district, centered in Alabama, where a majority of the world’s supply of this product is said to be made. Some Hazards Pointed Out First—The construction of many of these plants is such that one is led to wonder, not why fires occur in them, but why they…

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