Starting Fires with Kerosene

Issue 17 and Volume 76.

Starting Fires with Kerosene Frequently, in large headlines, the newspapers of our state announce that someone was killed or that somebody was frightfully burned, as a result of trying to start or to quicken a fire with kerosene. Such news items gathered by us during the first half of 1924 gave the sad story of eight deaths and ten frightful injuries. Attempting to quicken a sluggish fire with kerosene is the more dangerous process of the two. When live coals or even hot ashes are in the fire box. and kerosene is thrown or poured in. an explosive gas is generated rapidly. A live coal, even the tiniest spark, or a lighted match will then cause a violent explosion, which usually sets fire to the dress of the thoughtless operator. The most foolhardypractice is to pour kerosene into the firebox from a can. The explosion in the stove spreads back…

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