Seventy-Million-Gallon Dam for Dallas

Issue 19 and Volume 76.

Seventy-Million-Gallon Dam for Dallas A contract, recently awarded by the city of Dallas, Tex., for the construction of 70,000,000-gallon reservoir in Denton County, is believed to be the solution of a problem for an adequate water supply for that city for many years to come. An artificial lake will be created twenty-nine miles north of the city with a shore line of 65 miles. The dam will be about two miles long, will have a maximum height of 80 feet and a spillway 560 feet long. Since the days of 1881 and the original standpipe, the ingenuity of the city officials had been taxed to find additional sources of pure water to keep up with the demands of the community. Although Dallas is located upon Trinity River, the waters of this sluggish and uncertain Texas stream are unfit for use. It is expected that with the present sources of water…

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