Drills and Training

Issue 21 and Volume 76.

Drills and Training The necessity for the training of firemen in all modern methods of fire-fighting is becoming recognized in all up-to-date fire departments. This is true as well of the volunteer departments of small cities and towns as it is of the larger municipalities. The fire department which—no matter how small is the village it guards—does not insist upon some form of physical training for its members is now looked upon as behind the times and the chief as lacking in wisdom and foresight. Many of the smaller departments provide gymnasiums for their members to exercise and bring their muscles up to the proper condition. Regular drills in the use of all the modern tools with which the firemen are equipped are held. Competitive contests are conducted to increase speed in the handling of hose; in hooking up and attaching to hydrants; in reeling and folding hose; in ladder…

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