Firemen are Busy Making Toys for Poor Kiddies

Issue 23 and Volume 76.

Firemen are Busy Making Toys for Poor Kiddies How One Department Utilizes Mechanical Knowledge of Members During Season—Many Fire Depts. Brighten Children’s Christmas To those fire departments whieh plan making the Christmas of the kiddies whose parents can little afford the luxuries of presents a little brighter and happier the following skit, describing the work of the livansvillc “Boys,” is dedicated. No doubt many other fire-fighters are planning zcork along similar litics and to them the story will prove of especial interest. “Say, Henry, didn’t you uster be a painter ’fore you joined the department?” “Uh-hum.” “I’ll just pass this automobile over to you then to finish up. I’ve fixed the wheels—the only thing which needed repairing.” Such a conversation can be heard daily now at any Evansville hose house among firemen. Christmas—heralded as the happiest season in the whole year—is coming. But. is it the happiest season to the…

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