New Automatic Booster Pump for Baltimore

Issue 23 and Volume 76.

New Automatic Booster Pump for Baltimore Baltimore is about to put into service a new underground booster pumping station in connection with the Towson reservoir. This, according to V. Bernard Siems, water engineer of the city, will pump water from the reservoir to the Towson Standpipe. The new station is a concrete structure, 12 by 25 feet in dimensions, and is the first complete automatically controlled pump to be installed by the Water Department. Driven by electricity, it is designed to operate without any attention, other than a periodic inspection at such times as the station is visited in the routine work of the foreman in charge of the district. The equipment was designed and installed under Mr. Siems’ supervision by Leon Small, mechanical engineer of the Water Department. The oiling and all other operating requirements of the pump, Mr. Siems said, are self-adjusting. In the event of trouble of…

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