Issue 25 and Volume 76.

SPECIAL BUSINESS NEWS FIRE PROPOSALS Shillington. Pa.—Bids for 750gal. triple combination car will be received until 7:30, Dec. 26, by Benton L. Hemmig, borough secretary. Involves one motor 750-gal. triple combination car fully equipped with 40-gallon copper chemical tank, hose body to carry 1,200 ft. 2 1/2-In. hose, ladders, hand extinguishers, etc. New York.- Bids for furnishing and delivering hose and hose fittings to Bellevue and other hospitals and to fire and other city departments will be received until 10:30 a. m., Dec 2., By John E. Bower, commissioner of purchase, room 526, Municipal Bldg. Washington, D. O.—Bids for installation of fire alarm system at Augusta, Ga. win be received until Jan. 6 by construction division, U. S. veterans’ bureau, Arlington Bdg. WATER PROPOSALS Manasquan, N. J.—Bids for water system extension construction will be received until 8 p. m , Dec 23, by Lloyd C. Riddle, Mayor, & borough council…

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