What Is Best for Small City—Well or Surface Supply?

Issue 25 and Volume 76.

What Is Best for Small City—Well or Surface Supply? Circumstances and Situation Govern Answer to Problem—Quality of Water Is an Element—Surface System Requires Purification IN the following paper the author points out that there can be no set rule as to the choice of the type of water supply for small cities, but that each must be governed by circumstances of situation and available supply. He emphasises the fact, however, that the advice of competent engineers should be sought in deciding upon the kind of supply as a haphazard or ignorant choice may result in untold expense and trouble in the future: Is it practical for a city, as small as 1,000 population, so unfavorably located as not to be able to secure a sufficient quantity of safe and palatable water for public use from wells, to consider the installation of a purification plant and develop surface water supply? Anyone…

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