The Fire Hazard of the Holiday Season

Issue 25 and Volume 76.

The Fire Hazard of the Holiday Season The Christmas Season brings its own fire hazards. The Christmas tree with its candles and tinsel decoration, happily now to a certain extent giving way to electric lighting and asbestos and other non-inflammable ornaments and festoons, is one of these. The cotton drapped costume of the impersonator of Santa Claus is another. Evergreens and paper ornaments hung on chandeliers lit by gas or near swinging gas brackets are a third. Imperfectly wired show windows in stores are also a prolific source of fire in this festive season. Even the use of the electric bulbs in place of candles is not without its dangers. Wiring of these lights by amateurs constitutes a serious hazard, as the danger of igniting the inflammable evergreen through a spark from a short circuit caused by imperfect wiring is always present. The work of wiring these lights should always…

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