Issue 27 and Volume 76.

CONVENTION DATES Jan. 13-15. 1925—ILLINOIS FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 37th Annual Convention, Murphysboro, Ill. Secretary, Roy W. Alslp. Champaign, Ill., Fire Department. Jan. 14-16—ILLINOIS SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS. Meeting at Chicago. Secretary, E. R. Tratman, Wheaton, Ill. Jan. 16-17—THE AMERICAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL. Annual meeting. Washington. D. C. Secretary, L. W. Wallace, 24 Jackson Place, Washington, D. C. Jan. 20-22. 1925—NEBRASKA STATE VOLUNTEER FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Meeting, Hastings. Secretary, H. A. Webbert. Kearney, Neb. Jan. 22-23—INDIANA SECTION, AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION (formerly Indiana Sanitary and Water Supply Association.) Annual meeting. Indianapolis, lad. Secretary, C. K. Calvert, 1902 North New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, Ind. Jan. 23, 1925—AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. Annual Meeting at Engineering Society’s Building, 29 W. 39th St„ New York, N. Y. Jan. 27-29, 1925—ENGINEERING INSTITUTE OF CANADA. Annual Meeting, Montreal, Can. Secretary. Fraser S. Keith, 176 Mansfield Street, Montreal. Jan. 27-30—IOWA ENGINEERING SOCIETY. Convention at Des Moines, la. Secretary, J. S.…

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