Automatic Sprinkler System

Issue 27 and Volume 76.

Automatic Sprinkler System The invention illustrated herewith is intended to provide a dry-pipe sprinkler system which is characterized by the employment of means whereby a slight reduction of the air pressure in the system is caused to bring into immediate action a force which neutralizes the excess or effective pressure whereby the supply-controlling valve is normally prevented front opening, provided such reduction of pressure is a quick reduction such as results from the opening of one or more sprinkler heads, as distinguished from a slow reduction such as results from mere leakage of air. The result obtained is that although leakage of air from the system has no greater effect on the supply-controlling valve than in the ordinary dry-pipe system, the opening of the valve immediately follows the opening of one or more sprinkler heads instead of being delayed until the air pressure which normally prevents the valve from opening…

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