Columbia, Mo., Instals New Fire Apparatus

Issue 27 and Volume 76.

Columbia, Mo., Instals New Fire Apparatus Columbia, Mo., the seat of the state university and the home of two of Missouri’s largest female colleges, Stephens and Christian, is well prepared to protect the lives of the 5.000 students, entrusted to its care every year, from fire. In six months’ time the department has grown from four regular firemen and ten volunteers to seven regular men with provision for ten volunteers if they are needed. Three new pieces of apparatus have been purchased and the old truck overhauled and repainted. The new apparatus consists of a chief’s car, a Flint Six, for Chief Thomas Walden’s use; a city service truck, and the last of this new equipment, a 750-gallon Pierce-Arrow combination metropolitan pumper. With this motor pumper and the 350-gallon Reo pumper the department is able to throw 11,000 gallons of water a minute. When contracted for, the pump was supposed…

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