Veteran Bridgeport Fire Captain Dies

Issue 27 and Volume 76.

Veteran Bridgeport Fire Captain Dies Captain Charles W. Holden, 21 years a member of the Bridgeport, Conn., fire department, passed away on December 6, after a fruitless attempt to fight off the ravages of kidney trouble. In commenting on the death of Captain Holden, the Bridgeport, Conn., Post said, editorially: “How much does a city appreciate the character of the service rendered by its municipal employees, when such service is far above the ordinary? Is there a corresponding response on the part of the public? When a municipal employe fails in his duty he may be sure of scathing criticism. When he performs nobly and well, is there corresponding praise and recognition? These thoughts come to mind in connection with the death of Capt. Charles W. Holden, of the Bridgeport fire department. He died at an age, when most men consider themselves in the prime of life, and being a…

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