Freezes Water to Instal Hydrant

Issue 27 and Volume 76.

Freezes Water to Instal Hydrant George R. Stiles, superintendent of the Honesdale, PaWater Company, when about to change a hydrant on his water works recently, found himself up against a problem, in that there was no valve on the line and in order to perform the work he would be compelled to shut off the water on the main line, and cause inconvenience to many of his consumers. This naturally he did not want to do, and being a man of resource, he conceived a way out of the difficulty. He describes how he met the problem thus: “I was about to change a fire hydrant, and when my men had it all dug out. I discovered that there was no valve on the line. Not wishing to shut off the main line, I determined to try something new. Procuring a quantity of ice, I cracked it fine, and with…

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