A Sedimentation Basin That Gives Better Results

Issue 27 and Volume 76.

A Sedimentation Basin That Gives Better Results How Davenport Water Company Has Improved Method of Sedimentation—Novel Division Wall with Shallow Weir Assists Operation WHILE the designing of the new sedimentation basin of the Davenport Water Company was the work of Mr. Kimball, the author of this paper in submitting it writes to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING; that the original ideas embodied in the design of the division wall of the basin were in reality the suggestion of Charles R. Headerson, manager of the company. Mr. Kimball’s connection with the seork seas largely to develop Mr. Henderson’s ideas. In 1901 the Davenport Water Company constructed at its main pumping station on the Missis sippi River a concrete sedimenta tion basin with a capacity of 3,700.000 gallons. As will be seen from the photographs this basin is somewhat irregular in shape, this being necessary to accommodate it to the available land. Its…

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