Issue 1 and Volume 77.

SPARKS AND TRICKLES Contributions from Our Readers Are Invited Negligence! A report that four thousand golf-halls were found in a reservoir used as a water-hole on the Wilmington public golf course leads us to believe that they drain the reservoir only once or twice a week down there. We learn that the reservoir of the Essex Falls Water Works, Essex Falls, N. J., is also located on a golf course and it is quite a problem to keep the ball-seeking caddies from contaminating the supply. Fire-Fighters and Stews An enlightening item from the Earlville, Ia., Camera, on the recreations of the volunteers of that place: “On last Thursday night the firemen had a swell oyster stew, at their club rooms. Frank Powell was chef, and you have got to give it to Frank when it come to cooking oysters. Nearly every fireman was present, and they all eat oysters just…

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