Fire Prevention Methods of Volunteer Department

Issue 1 and Volume 77.

Fire Prevention Methods of Volunteer Department Authority for the Regulation of Fire Hazards in Reading, Pa., Vested in Fire Prevention Board—Law with “Teeth” Backs Up Its Work ONE of the few remaining of the larger cities which is still guarded from fire by a volunteer department is Reading, Pa. The following article, written by the fire chief of the city, will therefore take on an added significance, in that it describes a system of fire preventionregulation that has proved successful in practice. The problem of such regulation under the purely volunteer system would ordinarily be a most troublesome one, and the powers-that-be of the Pennsylvania city showed wisdom and forethought in trusting their volunteer fire prevention committee with the authority to enforce laws looking toward the prevention of fire: In fire matters, Reading is especially noted for three things. It has the oldest volunteer department in the United States, if…

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