Issue 1 and Volume 77.

WATER WORKS NEWS NOTE—Special Water Proposal, etc., will be found on page 38.—EDITOR. Westmoreland, Kan., Votes $13,000 for Water Extensions —The town of Westmoreland, Kan., has voted to issue $13,000 bonds for extensions and improvements to its water works system. Water Shortage at Cresson, Pa.—The residents of Cresson, Pa., have been notified to conserve water owing to the low supply in the Summitt Water Supply Company’s reservoirs. Protests have been lodged with the borough council because of the low pressure. Bellingham, Wash., Approves Bonds for High Pressure System—The city of Bellingham, Wash., has approved an issue of $265.000 bonds for the completion of its high pressure water system of which 3,300 feet of 36-inch pipe has already been installed. Oneida, N. Y., Engages Engineer for Florence Creek Project—Oneida, N. Y., has engaged Engineer Fred J. Wagner to supervise the $1,500,000 project to bring Florence creek soft water into the city.…

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