Fire Protection in the Smaller Community

Issue 1 and Volume 77.

Fire Protection in the Smaller Community This is the second installment of an important series of articles that will appear regularly in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING covering fire protection in all its phases for the guidance of fire officials in the smaller towns and villages. From the Viewpoint of an Underwriters’ Engineer (Continued from last issue) Water Supply REAL fire protection means, first, water protection. The Grading Schedule assigns 1,700 points, or 34 per cent., to the water system and only 1,500 points to the fire department. Without water a fire having a good start is unconquerable as long as there is material to burn. The supply must be unfailing, in sufficient volume to subdue a minor conflagration and it must have sufficient pressure to reach the fire effectively. The ordinary citizen knows little of such matters. A three-inch pipe looks big to him and it is difficult for him…

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