Removing Color from an Unstripped Reservoir

Issue 2 and Volume 77.

Removing Color from an Unstripped Reservoir How Problem Is Handled by Hartford Water Department—Physical Characteristics of Reservoir—Charts and Tables Explaining Matter THE writings of Mr. Saville are always filled with practical suggestions and this paper is no exception to the rule. It will be found to contain much that will be of help to other water works men who are compelled to meet the problems of which the author treats: Although the matter is often one of importance in water supply work, very little information is available on the subject of color of water phenomena in new reservoirs from which the soil has not been stripped prior to filling. The following facts are presented regarding conditions in the Nepaug and other reservoirs of the Hartford, Conn., water supply system, as a contribution, without argument and merely for the purpose of putting them on record, with the hope that they may…

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