Issue 5 and Volume 77.

SPARKS AND TRICKLES Many a man has believed he could set the world on fire rolling dice, and several young men in the Bronx section of New York City recently came near doing it. The dice they used were made of a composition material that burst into flame when it got too hot, and brought the fire department to the scene. Two Swedish boyhood friends who had not seen each other for years met by chance on a train, and the following dialogue took place: “Hello, Ols, how you ban?” “Not so good, my wife she have nine children.” “Dot’s bad.” “Not so bad, she got vun million dollars.” “Dot’s good.” “Not so good, she von’t spend it.” “Dot’s bad.” “Not so bad, she’s got a fine house, I don’t pay no rent.” “Dot’s good.” “Not so good, the house she burn down yesterday.” “Dot’s bad.” “Not so bad. my…

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