Ordinance Regulating Gasoline, Etc.

Issue 5 and Volume 77.

Ordinance Regulating Gasoline, Etc. Three thousand copies of a newly created ordinance restricting the transportation, distribution and storage of gasoline, commercial lacquer, ether, thinner, carbon bisulphide, benzole, collodion and other volatile inflammable liquids have been distributed to all garages and gasoline stations at Bridgeport, Connecticut. The new ordinance was passed by the city council in that city on January 5 as an aim to safety and has the approval of Mayor F. W. Behrens and Chief Daniel E. Johnson, of the fire department. The ordinance, affecting thousands of individuals in Bridgeport, is as follows: Section 1—All applications for permits to transport gasoline, commercial lacquer, thinner or other volatile inflammable fluids, or mixtures must be made in writing to the chief of the fire department in such form and detail as he shall prescribe and containing such information as he shall require. The chief of the fire department shall forthwith make…

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