Automatic Sprinklers Control Garage Fire

Issue 6 and Volume 77.

Automatic Sprinklers Control Garage Fire The efficacy of automatic sprinklers in controlling a threatening garage fire which occurred recently in New York City is pointed out by the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, as is also the pernicious habit of smoking by employees in such dangerous surroundings. The report says: “The premises in which this fire occurred is a one story and part basement ordinary brick building, built in 1917; area 19,500 sq. ft., unobstructed, occupied as a public automibile garage and repair shop. “The fire originated near the front of the building at the draw off from the gasoline storage system. This storage system consists of two 550 gallon storage and one 60-gallon auxiliary gasoline tanks, supplying gasoline by the Sage Air System. The system was operated by manual control and was not approved by this board. A recommendation to equip the system with an approved automatic type…

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