Departments and Other Reports Received

Issue 8 and Volume 77.

Departments and Other Reports Received Chicago, Ill.—Report of the fire marshal for 1922-23. 105 pages and cover. Waltham, Mass.—Annual message of Mayor Beal and annual city reports for 1923. 215 pages with tables. Keene, N. H.—Fifty-fifth annual report of the water department for year ending Dec. 1, 1924. 46 pages and cover. Dept, of the Interior, Wash., D. C.—The 1921 report on surface water supply of the United States by the United States Geological Survey. 294 pages and cover. American Society for Municipal Improvements—Proceedings of convention held at Atlanta, Ga., November, 1923. 556 pages bound in board, containing diagrams and illustrations. History of the Portland Cement Industry in the United States—By Robert W. Lesley, first president, Portland Cement Association. 330 pages bound in board with numerous illustrations and diagrams.

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