Planting and Caring for Watershed Trees

Issue 8 and Volume 77.

Planting and Caring for Watershed Trees The Best Methods of Setting Out the Trees—The Weevil Pest— Should the Cost Be Charged to Capital or to Expense Account? THE care of the forests of the watershed is a vital problem that many water works have to face. The planting and maintenance of the trees, the guarding them from pests and disease, and the proper cutting and thinning are all questions which require knowledge and judgment. Mr. Bristol has given the subject much study and the facts he presents will be found of considerable interest to water works superintendents who have watersheds to care for: The story of the Ansonia Water Company’s forestation is about as follows: In 1904, we consulted the Yale School of Forestry. A preliminary report was made which suggested that we have a careful survey made and working plans prepared. Professor R. C. Hawley was engaged to furnish…

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