Oil and Gas Power Week April 20 to 25

Issue 8 and Volume 77.

Oil and Gas Power Week April 20 to 25 It is proposed by means of simultaneous technical meetings, discussions, publicity, etc., during “Oil and Gas Power Week.” April 20 to 25. to focus nation-wide attention on the part of physicists, chemists, engineers, operating men, and the industries on the recent progress and on the immediate possibilities in the oil and gas power technical field. Meetings will be held in all leading oil and gas power centers throughout the United States on the subjects of fuels, engine design, operation, economics, trends, research problems, and so on. Several leading organizations and societies interested in these lines are participating in the movement. W. E. Bullock, 29 West 39th Street. New York City, is secretary of the national committee in charge. Huron, N. D., Will Acquire Aerial—A resolution has been adopted by the Huron. N. D., city board to purchase an aerial truck for…

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