Some Results of Water Main Cleaning

Issue 8 and Volume 77.

Some Results of Water Main Cleaning Removing Scale Without Destroying Pipe Coating—Machines Built to Fit Special Necessities-Problems Arising from Local Conditions C. E. CLOGGED water mains mean a general letting down in water works efficiency. They also mean vastly increased fire hazards through the inability of the fire department to obtain proper pressures to cope with the flames. The success in cleaning of the mains of several cities and thus insuring to the water works the full benefit of the pressure supplied by the water works is interestingly told in the following paper: The first experience of the writer in cleaning water mains was at Wheeling, W. Va., in 1907, where we had a contract to clean several miles of 4 and 6-inch pipe. These mains had been carrying raw Ohio River water for many years and were very badly incrusted with iron scale and also contained a large deposit…

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