Setting a High Standard for the Fireman

Issue 8 and Volume 77.

Setting a High Standard for the Fireman There is no doubt that the standard of the fireman has been set much higher in recent years than before. This applies not only to his physical body, but alike to his mind and to his morality. Science has proved that the man who is unclean morally is of necessity lacking in physical stamina and mental alertness. As Tennyson puts it in describing his moral hero: “His strength is as the strength of ten, because his heart is pure.” Chief Kenlon emphasizes this point in his article published in this week’s issue. The fireman of today is not merely a husky who can perform marvels of Strength. He must also be able to think and think quickly. As the chief says, he cannot take his problems home and sleep over them; they must be. decided on the spur of the moment and upon…

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