Issue 8 and Volume 77.

N. Y. DEPUTY CHIEF EXAMINATION Questions, with Answers and Supplementary Comments by Battalion Chief John J. T. Waldron, Who Received Highest Mental Rating (Continued from last issue) LAW AND ORDINANCES (Continued) Weight 1—To Be Finished by 1:00 P. M. Question No. 4—“A variation from the requirements of the Building Zone Resolution may be granted in certain cases or under certain specific conditions on application to the Board of Appeals.” “In connection with the Building Zone Resolution it is to be noted that the Board of Appeals has no power to change the use district regulations. That power is lodged in the Board of Estimate and Apportionment.” The paragraphs above are quoted from the introduction to the Rules of the Board of Standards and Appeals and the Board of Appeals. State the facts involved in two separate cases (real or hypothetical) in which the fire commissioner is concerned as the enforcing…

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