Crusoe Got What He Wanted— Found Advertising Paid

Issue 11 and Volume 77.

Crusoe Got What He Wanted— Found Advertising Paid ONE of the most persistent advertisers in the history of success was Robinson Crusoe,” says a clever writer on business topics. “He knew what he wanted—a ship—and he put up an ad for one. He flung a shirt on a pole, at the top of his island; that, in the language of the sea, was plain to every seafaring man. “The circulation was small—there was no other medium—but Crusoe kept at it, despite the fact that he got no inquiries for a long time. He changed his copy—as one garment after another was frayed out—and in the end got what he wanted A Thought for Modern Advertisers “Suppose Crusoe had taken down that signal after a time and declared ‘Advertising doesn’t pay.’ Where would he and his story be now? “Put up your signal and keep it there. Crusoe advertised under very…

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