Personal Responsibility for Fire

Issue 13 and Volume 77.

Personal Responsibility for Fire If the wheel of an automobile driven through the street flies off and crashes through a plateglass window, the owner of the car may expect trouble both from authorities and from the owner of the broken glass. He would probably be fined, lose his license, and be obliged to pay for the damage. The assumption would be that the owner of a car which loses a wheel on its way should be held responsible for carelessness. With fires it is quite different. If, because of defective flues, bad wiring, or rubbish allowed to accumulate in the cellar, a house or a store is burned to the ground, the owner, perhaps far more to blame than the driver who loses a wheel, is not made to stand the loss suffered on neighboring property. Fire Marshal George C. Neal, of this Commonwealth believes that the best way to…

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