Water System Earns Over $60,000 in Seven Years

Issue 14 and Volume 77.

Water System Earns Over $60,000 in Seven Years The water works of Canon City, Col., according to facts presented in an address to the chamber of commerce of that city by Major A. J. Turner, earned during the past seven years $64,884, the period covered being from April 1, 1918, to April 1, 1925. In his address, Mayor Turner pointed out that during that period the city retired $70,000 of waterworks bonds in the following series of years: 1918, $40,000; 1919, $10,000; 1921, $10,000; 1924, $6,000; 1925, $4,000. Of the $40,000 retired in 1918 the sum of $25,000 came from the sale of the Cottonwood creek ranches and the remaining $15,000 came out of the earnings of the waterworks system. The other $30,000 indebtedness was paid off out of the accumulation of a sinking fund created by the setting apart of $1,850 each year from the 11 mills tax levy…

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