Open, Please!

Issue 15 and Volume 77.

Open, Please! YES, we are open for business in the new office—but we don’t mind admitting that going to the dentist would be child’s play compared to the hardships endured in the course of moving a magazine office. Gosh, what a job! It isn’t the first cost, as they say; it’s the upkeep. It isn’t just the’ moving, it’s the getting settled—getting caught up with our hack correspondence, and getting everything in apple-pie order ready to receive visitors. 611 But here we are now with plaster behind our ears and the smell of fresh paint in our hair (to say nothing of the spots in our clothes), but smiling,, nonetheless, in pleasant anticipation of the visits yon good friends are going to pay ns. Many Thanks We appreciate the congratulations we have been receiving on the recent changes in our organization. We feel that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is on…

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