What Meters Have Done for Evansville

Issue 15 and Volume 77.

What Meters Have Done for Evansville How Change to Meterage from the Flat Hate System Effected Saving in Water Works Costs—Economy in Pumpage and Coal Pile THE experience of the city of Evansville, lnd., which, after it had installed a new filtration system in the hope that this would reduce waste by consumers through the delivery to them of clear water, was that the continued waste, as bad as ever, threatened to overwhelm even these added facilities. This resulted in the adoption of complete meterage, as the consumers had been heretofore on the flat rate basis. The result is described in the following paper: How the entire city of Evansville benefited by curtailing the waste of water through the establishment of universal meterage can readily be seen by the following facts: In 1911 the National Board of Fire Underwriters made a general inspection of the city and reported the water…

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