Did He Mean Fire-Bugs?

Issue 15 and Volume 77.

Did He Mean Fire-Bugs? Well-nigh unbelievable, at times, is the degree of misunderstanding shown by watchmen and janitors in regard to fire protection. Illustrative of this incredible lack of knowledge is a story told by Captain John J. Sheedy, head of Albany’s Salvage Corps. The Captain, a leading fire preventionist of the Capitol District, devotes much of his limited spare time to the delivering of talks at the several schools in his territory, and on one such visit recently he stopped to chat with the janitor of the building in which he had just spoken. In his hand Captain Sheedy carried a two-quart fire extinguisher, in the function and operation of which he had been instructing his youthful audience. Holding it up, he inquired of the caretaker whether or not he knew how to use ‘this thing”—failing to mention it by name. This functionary shook his head, whereupon Captain Sheedy,…

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