Issue 15 and Volume 77.

CORRESPONDENCE Failure of Railroad Employees to Call the Fire Department To the Editor: For many years, the writer has been attending fires in New York City. Many of those fires were in or on property owned by railroad and other corporations. Never once, can I recall, did any employee or official of the railroad give what I might term, “co-operative information”—no, not even to the officials of the fire department, much less the newspaper men. But there is a more serious custom prevalent among railroad employees, other than their disinclination to give information, and that is their stubborn, but stupid habit of resorting to almost any fire-fighting device, excepting the right one—the alarm. There can be no quarrel with the employees of any corporation who after sounding an alarm, attempt to conquer a fire in the establishment of their employer while awaiting the arrival of trained firemen, but to put…

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