Baltimore Water Works Report

Issue 15 and Volume 77.

Baltimore Water Works Report A report submitted by V. Bernard Siems, water engineer of Baltimore, Md., to Mayor Jackson shows expenditures covering the years 1923 and 1924 of $13,132,740.82 from the $15,000,000 water loan and $1,100,294.26 for new extensions of mains out of the $10,000,000 water loan. Mr. Siems points out that of the $13,132,740.82 from the $15,000,000 loan $9,240,366.54 was for improvements, including the new dam at Loch Raven, the new filtration plant at Montebello and reservoirs, pumping stations and pumping equipment. The department expended $1,647,159.11 last year. Of this amount $1,041,307.79 was for operation and maintenance. Mr. Siems said the operating expenses of the department last year were $709,589.62, a decrease of $20,124.39, compared with 1923. “In view of the fact that the water department has greatly increased in size and covers a much larger territory,” Mr. Siems said, “this saving in the operating expenses shows the efficient…

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