Protecting Oil Tanks from Fire

Issue 15 and Volume 77.

Protecting Oil Tanks from Fire The Use of Insulating Material as a Means of Protection—Characteristics Such Insulation Should Have—Must be Permanent in Nature THE protection of oil tanks from outside exposure is a most important part of fire precaution in oil plants. The following article suggests the advantages of insulating material for the purpose of rendering the tanks fire resistant. Insulation of oil storage tanks has been discussed at length by numerous authorities from the standpoint of vapor losses and their prevention, but little attention has been paid to the fire preventive and fire resistant quali- ties of the insulating materials used for this purpose. In tests to determine the actual magnitude of evaporation losses and the saving due to tank insulation, widely varying results have been obtained. Sufficient data has been published, however, to indicate that these losses are almost unbelievably large, but the losses caused by preventable fires…

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